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Human iPSC-derived neural progenitor | Ref. PCi-NPC


Neural Progenitor Cells are multipotent cells of the ectoderm lineage. They can differentiate into three central nervous system (CNS) cells, neurons, astrocytes and oligodendrocytes.

  • Neurons : a variety of neurons, including GABAergic, dopaminergic or glutamatergic neurons can be rpoduced from PCi-NPC with specific culture medium,
  • Oligodendrocytes synthetize the myelin sheath that surrounds axons of the CNS to increase the electric signal speed,
  • Astrocytes have many functions. They support the blood-brain barrier, handle nutriments supply, detoxify and repair the brain.


NPC are qualified by their morphology, gene expression profile, temporal distribution, function and location. In the adult brain, NPC are observed in the sub granular zone within the dentate gyrus of the hippocampus or the sub ventricular zone of the lateral ventricles [1].


They have two types of cell division : symmetric and asymmetric. The symmetric one gives rise to a perfect copy of the initial NPC; this is also called self-renewing division. The asymmetric one gives rise to a daughter cell with limited differentiation potential. Depending on the growth and transcription factor NPC will differentiate into neurons or glial lineage.


The presence of NPC in the adult brain and their ability to self-renew deny the old belief of the neuronal tissue incapacity to regenerate.


NPC derived from iPSC is a cost-effective way to develop a reliable in vitro model for neurodegenerative disease as Parkinson, Huntington, or multiple sclerosis. Such models are helpful for fundamental research and also an excellent tool for drug discovery. NPC derived from iPSC are also used for cell therapy for neurodegenerative disease and stroke.


[1] Martínez-Cerdeño Verónica, Noctor Stephen C,“Neural Progenitor Cell Terminology”, from Frontiers in Neuroanatomy 2018, 12:104. 

Human iPSC-derived neural progenitor (≥ 1 M human cells)

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  • Human iPSC-derived neural progenitor - DETAILS

    Neural progenitor cells derived from human iPSC, provided at low passage in 1-Million cell format.

    Available in large quantities with very little batch-to-batch variations.

    Refer to PCi-NPC product sheet and User's guide for details

    PCi-NPC provide a reliable source of progenitors for developmental studies, pharmacological and toxicology studies and other areas of neuroscience research after differentiation into appropriate neural cell types.


    Shipment in dry ice.


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