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Human sebocytes


PCi-Sebocytes derived from human iPSC are provided at low passage and available frozen in 2 Mn cell format (bulks available on demand).


PCi-SEB are available in 3 phototypes: Asian (PCi-SEB-ASI), Caucasian (PCi-SEB-CAU) and African (PCi-SEB-AFR).


PCi-SEB are unique tools for sebocyte cell research, hyper- and hypo-seborrhea-linked disorders research, pharmacology, toxicology and drug discovery, including 3D skin reconstruction.


PCi-SEB are provided as KRT7+ precursors that can be amplified twice. Use PhenoCULT-SEB® medium for amplification (Supplement A) and maturation (Supplement M). See Product sheet and Culture Protocol for details.


Also available as full Kit with culture medium and supplements for amplification and maturation: Order PCi-SEB-Kit


Skin cells