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Human sebocytes + culture medium


PCi-SEB-Kit contains 2 Mn cell/vial of either caucasian, asian or african PCi-SEB and advanced culture medium PhenoCULT©-SEB (100 mL) with Supplements A and M.


PCi-SEB can be amplified (low lipid content) with Supplement A (=Amplification), or pushed towards terminal differentiation (high lipid content) with Supplement M (=Maturation). Use supplement A or M according to your needs.


The Kit contains :

-1 vial of PCi-SEB 2Mn cells
-100 mL PhenoCULT©-SEB culture medium
-1 vial of each A and M supplements (100 μL), for 100 mL culture medium

The Kit allows seeding PCi-SEB on a 60 cm2 surface and every other day medium change for 2-3 weeks.


Skin cells