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Stem cells for
better drugs

Human iPSC-derived cells & services for research and development in the dermo-cosmetic and ophthalmology areas

R&D services


R&D outsourcing services for 
ophthalmology & pharma

A new generation of in vitro bioassays based on the iPSC technology to boost your R&D

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R&D outsourcing services for dermatology and cosmetics

Your project, our promise! Strengthen your innovation through a unique range of HTS cell-based assays dedicated to skin research & ingredient testing

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Cells & kits

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iPSC-derived human cells
and culture medium for your lab

  • Almost unlimited number of cells (> 1bn per batch)

  • High batch-to-batch reproducibility

  • Panel of defined ethnic donors 

  • Easy ordering system

  • Worldwide shipping



Founded in 2013, Phenocell is a research-based R&D company specialized in the design of phenotypic assays for research and drug discovery using iPSC-derived somatic cells ...

Our partners

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