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Melanocytes derived from human iPSC (1M), with culture medium (100 mL) and supplements (400 µL)

KIT Melanocytes (≥1 M human cells) (Cau, Afr, Asi) + culture medium

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  • KIT Melanocytes - DETAILS

    The PCi-MEL_KIT contains :

    • 1 vial of PCi-MEL (1 M cells/0.5 mL)
    • PhenoCULT®-MEL culture medium (100 mL)
    • Supplements (400 µL)

    Refer to PCi-MEL product sheetPhenoCULT®-MEL product sheet and User's guide for details.



    Products are covered by issued and pending patents.  The purchase of the Product does not include nor carry any right or license to use, develop or otherwise exploit the Product commercially. Contact Phenocell for more information on Product Limited License Use.

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